The world is VERY small!!

Over the five years we've been innkeepers, we've had many wonderful encounters with guests. In addition, the guests have wonderful encounters with each other. You've all heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, well it seems that in the world there are far fewer degrees (although not neccesarily to Mr. Bacon!) This morning we had one of the most bizarre and amazing coincidences of peoples paths crossing. There is an Aunt and neice visiting from the UK, one lives in England and the other Scotland. We also had a newlywed couple from NYC. After breakfast, the neice approached me to ask if the NYC couple, whom she'd not met, had just gotten married in Central Park. You see, prior to arriving at the inn, the aunt and neice had spent some time in New York City and toured Central Park. While there, a wedding was taking place in the Shakespeare Garden and they decided to stay around a bit to watch the bride and groom have their photos taken. Well, when this young couple walked into the dining room this morning, the neices jaw nearly fell to the ground as she thought this was the couple that she witnessed getting married in Central Park. A short while later, the couple confirmed that they indeed did get married and it was the same ceremony viewed by the aunt and neice.

Now I ask you, what are the coincidences that both sets of people would end up here are the LimeRock Inn in Rockland on the same date? It is just amazing and is one of the many reasons we love what we do!!!