Throwdown With Bobby Flay in Rockland Maine, AGAIN!!

We received an invite several days ago from Lynn Archer who owns the Brass Compass Cafe.  She said that the Food Network was coming to town to film her cooking her famous King of Clubs Lobsters Club Sandwich.  Something about the whole thing seemed fishy to us.  You see, two years ago, Rockland was in a very similar situation when the food network came to film the pie moms.  As it turned our, it was all a sham and it was actually a throwndown with Bobby Flay.  We were very excited to be part of that show.  So this morning, Frank and I went down to Buoy Park in Rockland for the filming of this show and low and behold who showed up but Mr. Bobby Flay.  He challenged Lynne to a throwndown!  Unfortunately, we were not able to stick around for the results as our duties at the inn required us to return.  This is wonderful news for Lynn and the folks at Brass Compass Cafe and Rockland.  If you've not had the chance to eat at her place, it is a must stop for lunch.  Everything on the menu is made fresh daily.  You can check out their menu hereHistoric Inns of Rockland Bobby Flay.  This photo is from the throwdown from two years ago.  It is of Bobby Flay and all the innkeepeers.