New Schooner Marina in Rockland's Lermond Cove

Since yesterday was so incredubly beautiful out, I decided to take the camera and walk down to Rockland's new schooner marina at Lermond Cove.  Currently, three historic windjammers dock there.  These vessles offer a unique sailing experience in Penobscot Bay. From the Maine Windjammer Maine Windjammers


"Maine and the windjammer fleet go hand in hand.  Nowhere else in North America will you find such a large, historic fleet of traditional sailing vessels. Thousands of wild and pristine islands dot the Maine coast, providing unlimited anchorages for the windjammers.  Wildlife abounds, with bald eagles, porpoises and seals sighted on every cruise. In the fleet’s home waters of Penobscot Bay, there are hundreds of anchorages just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path, to explore where the big ships can’t go, a Maine windjammer can get you there."