Day 5

Well, it's now 12:07 am and we are settled in at the Beautiful (uugh!) Days Inn in Winchester, VA. Today was quite a busy day. We had yummy scramble scramble and bacon prepared by Karen for breakfast and then took a tour of the property with Jessica. She was getting a little randy by lunchtime so we took the cue to continue our journey. We took a short drive to Lancaster, PA and met one of our favorite guests, Donna, for lunch. It was really great to see her and also a little odd to see her on her home turf. I've decided that I can not partake in any more buffets on this trip or I will weigh 400 pounds!!

After lunch, we took a two hour drive to Osterberg, PA to meet Frank's friends Wayne and Renee and their 3 kids. We all went to dinner at the Jean Bonnet Tavern (pronounce like Jean Benet Ramsey oddly enough) This was a neat old tavern and B&B built in 1762. Apparently it is haunted and interestingly enough, there was a camera crew for the History Channel there to film a segment on haunted inns. We'll have to keep an eye out for that one. We had a really nice dinner and are very tired now so I am going to end this post. Tomorrow is lunch with Frank's nephew Alex who lives here in Winchester. Then, it's a 10 hour drive to Snellville, GA where Everybody is Somebody (yes, that is the town motto). Check out some photos here.
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