Days 2, 3 & 4

Wow, this is a lot of ground to cover. We awoke Saturday morning to the sound of bull horns on boats in the East River as Tim's apartment is just off the Brooklyn Promenade (great view if you lean out the window, ha ha). Breakfast at Clark's Diner (I ordered "The Big Breakfast", yum), then off we went.

If the previous night's adventure was not enough (did PJ tell you about my ignoring both our GPS systems and got us lost?), we needed to get gas almost immediately after getting in the car. Tim assured me there was a gas station on Atlantic Ave just before getting on the BQE. Yes, it was there with fencing and all as they were replacing the tanks. Wanting to check the accuracy of the Mercedes Benz trip computer (it said I had 50 miles to empty), I decided to rough it and off we went through Bay Ridge across the Verazzano Bridge through Staten Island across the Goethals Bridge into Elizabeth NJ. By the time we got to my favorite old Hess Gas Station, I had a mere 5 miles left to empty. Yeah, we made it!

Before meeting Eric and Kristin for lunch, we took a drive down memory lane through Long Hill Township (where we met) to see my old house and PJ's childhood house. Nothing much ever seems to change in NJ except higher taxes. Well, the house was painted a different color; the neighbor across the street was still working on a second story addition (6 years later, Jen!), but it was still good to see.

Lunch with Eric and Kristin was great! Eric looks great too (he said we should say we saw "the best looking guy in Hillsborough"). He may have been the best looking guy at our table, but that's not saying much with me and PJ being the others. It was fun to catch up on his improvements and reminisce about good times past. Kristin has her own GPS story, but it's not my place to tell tales (ask her to tell you cuz it's really funny).

After lunch, we stopped by our old house in Tewksbury (Califon), and it looked good too. It's for sale down in price to $549,000. Wow, the real estate market has really tanked in NJ. It was a fun drive from there to the Waldsteins in Henryville. We arrived at the start of their "adult party" with children attending. What does that mean, you ask? It means six couples getting drunk with ten screaming kids wreaking havoc on the house. Actually, the kids were well behaved. The parents got a little crazy, ha ha. Well, after a fun night it was off to bed at midnight.

Sunday morning was reminiscent of times past with the Sunday paper and good bagels with a schmear. Oh yea, there were two kids jumping about, but it was still fun. We got on the road before 11am to meet Scott and Michael for lunch in Plymouth Meeting (outside Philly). Much to my delight, there was a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant there, so it was Thai Chicken Pizza for me, yum! We shopped the mall a bit. PJ found three nutcrackers in Boscov's, but I can't complain because they were 60% off. He's becoming quite a good shopper.

After that, it was off to see the Hall's of Honey Brook, PA. We arrived at the tail end of Jessica's 2nd birthday party, so we go to see some old friends too. Mostly though, we sat around and drank until about midnight and slept until 8:30 this morning. Fortunately, hangovers were at a minimum. But we did have a lazy morning drinking coffee around the kitchen table watching Karen slave over the stove making swedish pancakes, again yum! Finally, we got showered and out for the day around 1pm after grilled cheese sandwiches. Karen and Kyle live in the heart of Amish Country. You know Intercourse and Blue Ball. While these things seem to be opposites to me, they are also the names of two towns in Lancaster County.

It was fun to see the horse and buggys too. Even more funny to see the hitching posts for the horses in parking lots for the bank and Walmart, etc. It's a different world here. We did a little more shopping as that seems to be the Amish country pass time. Then it was home for a nap (for me) and PJ convinced Karen to create a Facebook acccount. We may never get her off the computer. Finally, dinner tonight was at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. OMG, this makes any buffet you've seen before seem weak (even Millers, you Mainers). We are talking about over 100 feet of buffet lines (two sided even!). Ugh, I am stuffed; I am tired; so it's off to bed. More later............ Check out some pictures of Jessica here.

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