Last night in Venice-Fish heads galore!

Ok, so tonight we had dinner with Davide who is a glass blower from Murano and was a guest at the inn this summer. We are actually staying at his sister in laws B&B while here in Venice. He took us to dinner at a local restaurant. We had a five course dinner, most of which involved some sort of fish head. Frank wants me to say that it was FRESH fish head! The first plate had all sorts of whole animals on the plate. I was very good though and ate everything on my plate. The pasta was delicious and the dessert was incredible. With dessert, we had some Grappa which tasted like boots. I've had much to drink tonight so I will let Frank share some of his thoughts. Oh, and I did a picasa web album with many photos of Venice that you can check out by clicking the following link. And now for Frank.....

Before I start, I first have to deal with our arrival in Venice. Our kudos go out to Fodors for helping us to decide to park the car at the Tronchetto because it's a few Euros cheaper, but ugh, it would be nice if someone could invest in a sign (segnale - Italian word of the day) or two. We missed the first turnoff completely.

For anyone contemplating a trip to Venice by car, let me just say that after you drive up the ramps to an upper floor don't be so quick (like us) to commit to a space. As it turns out, the garage is about four miles long (well, maybe about 1/4 mile). It was still a long walk not to mention no signs for the boats when we approached the water all the time trailing the precious wheeled luggage. When we finally found where we should be, I guess we ignored the fact that other boats used the dock and ended up at Piazza San Marco and had to change to a local Grand Canal. Not a Roman (or Venetian) tragedy, but just another delay for a trip that took an hour that should have been about 20 minutes. That was only part of the fun.

How many times can you cross the Rialto Bridge, you ask? Well, at least three with wheely luggage when you don't know where the heck you are going. We had to call to have them meet us at the bridge. How embarassing. Well, Christina and her family are wonderful, and we love our room. The bathroom has radiant heat (in the floor). If I was ever on the fence before, well, no more. This is paradise (a warm tile floor in the middle of the night). I guess I am an under acheiver.

We had a nice dinner in a local restaurant they recommended. It was great. We had a little trouble sleeping. I think because it is a new place. Regardless, we awoke this morning to beautiful weather in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you don't believe me, just look at PJ's pictures.

After much walking around, we ended up back here around 3pm and took a short nap, then went back to Piazza San Marco for night pictures of the glass tree, etc. It is beautiful. We returned to the room ready for dinner. We thought, our friend, Davide, was away until tomorrow. I think he came home early because he realized we were here.

Anyway, we met and he took us for a wonderful meal (fishheads and all). Although, even I got nervous after two bottles of wine, grapa and a shot of whiskey. Well, OK, I was drunk, so nervousness ended quickly. We had a great meal and lively conversation. He's a great guy. After, we returned to the B&B. Remember, it's owned by his sister-in-law and her husband. Their daughter is studying English as a second language, so we hope to get her to Rockland to attend the Penobscot School.

After solving the problems of the world (alcohol is always a good initiation), Davide invited us to his studio tomorrow to watch him work. If you are questioning his ability, let me just say he is currently working with a "high end" US retailer about making glassware for them. If you want to buy it, let me just say there will be "Needless Markup". Are you with me........

So, it's almost midnight. PJ is so drunk that he is watching an episode of "Friends" and only just now ( two minutes later) realized it's in French. I guess that means it's time for bed. After touring the Murano glass studio tomorrow, we drive three hours to Florence where we are staying in the palace. Finally, I'm a prince(ss). Good night.
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