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Art is Alive in Rockland

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Frank & PJ's Abode by Karin Grouf

From time to time, we have guests that are in the area to take painting workshops with local artists.  For the past three years we’ve had a wonderful guest from NY named Karin Grouf who has stayed with us while taking classes with David Dewey’s Maine Masterclass.  This morning, I found Karin in our backyward gazebo painting our cottage.  I asked if I could photograph her work to share with you all and she graciously agreed.  In the near future, original works of Karin’s will be available for purchase here at LimeRock Inn.

Senority Has Its Privileges Package All September

Friday, August 7th, 2009

September is fast approaching!  The leaves will start to change, the nights will be cool and the large crowds of people will be gone.  There is still so much to do in Rockland.  For the young at heart we are offering our Seniority Has Its Priviliges package durning the month of September.  This three night package for travelers over the age of 55 is available Sunday through Thursday and offers a 25% discount off the standard room rate.  It also includes museum passes, tours and so much more!  Pleae click here for all the details.


Especially for Ewe

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

I thought I would write about a wonderful guest of ours who visited last night.  Sandi Cirillo is an art teacher and fiber artist from NY.  Her business is called Especially For Ewe.  She is making her way up the coast to Lubec and is giving some fiberart workshops along the way.  Sandi has stayed with us about 6 times now, she feels like part of our family at this point.  Please check out her website to see her work.  The site contains her schedule of workshops.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend one you won’t regret it. 

Fall Sky by Sandi Cirillo

Fall Sky by Sandi Cirillo

We are now in our fifth year here at LimeRock Inn.  During this time we have encountered so many wonderful people from all facets of life.  It has been truly phenomenal.

Parade of Sails, Rockland Maine

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Despite the humidity, I trekked out to the Breakwater Lighthouse today for the Maine Winjammer Association’s annual Parade of Sails.  For the first time too, the Lighthouse was open for touring while I was out there.  The view of the Windjammers from the light was phenomenal.  To view some of the photos I took, please click here.

Maine Windjammers

Rockland, Maine: Where Art and Food Collide

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
Painting a Blue Streak by Eric Hopkins

Painting a Blue Streak by Eric Hopkins

As you may know, wednesday nights during the summer in Rockland are gallery nights. Rockland has about 20 galleries which extend their hours until 8pm on Wednesdays. Tomorrow, July 15th, is a special gallery night where many will have exhibit openings. On these nights, most galleries serve wine, cheeses and assorted delicacies. One of the most interesting collaborations tomorrow night is between the Eric Hopkins Gallery and Cafe Miranda.

The patio at Cafe Miranda

The patio at Cafe Miranda

Food from local favorite, Cafe Miranda will be served at the Eric Hopkins Gallery and artwork from Eric Hopkins will be displayed at Cafe Miranda.

Why not make an evening of it. A night at the LimeRock Inn is the perfect way to end your evening of eating and taking in the art. We are just steps away from all downtown Rockland has to offer.

Independence Day Weekend

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Join us at the inn for the Festival of Independence.  Rockland’s LimeRock Inn is the perfect place to use as a base for the weekend’s activities.  From Friday night fireworks in Camden Harbor, to 4th of July ParadeSaturday’s festivities (parade and evening fireworks) in Thomaston, to the weekend’s Fabulous 50′s and Sensational 60′s auto and air show at Owls Head Transportation Museum, this is the place to be.  Not to mention, all the great restuarants, the Farnsworth Museum & Wyeth Center, Maine Lighthouse Museum, and awesome downtown shopping.  There’s something going on here this weekend to satisfy anyone’s passion.  Come check us out!

Throwdown With Bobby Flay in Rockland Maine, AGAIN!!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

We received an invite several days ago from Lynn Archer who owns the Brass Compass Cafe.  She said that the Food Network was coming to town to film her cooking her famous King of Clubs Lobsters Club Sandwich.  Something about the whole thing seemed fishy to us.  You see, two years ago, Rockland was in a very similar situation when the food network came to film the pie moms.  As it turned our, it was all a sham and it was actually a throwndown with Bobby Flay.  We were very excited to be part of that show.  So this morning, Frank and I went down to Buoy Park in Rockland for the filming of this show and low and behold who showed up but Mr. Bobby Flay.  He challenged Lynne to a throwndown!  Unfortunately, we were not able to stick around for the results as our duties at the inn required us to return.  This is wonderful news for Lynn and the folks at Brass Compass Cafe and Rockland.  If you’ve not had the chance to eat at her place, it is a must stop for lunch.  Everything on the menu is made fresh daily.  You can check out their menu hereHistoric Inns of Rockland Bobby Flay.  This photo is from the throwdown from two years ago.  It is of Bobby Flay and all the innkeepeers.

A new twist on recycling

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Today, we connected with a local woman that has pigs (she is also the director of the Lincoln Street Arts Center.)  Rather than composting our food scraps, she has provided us with a container to put our food scraps in.  We just have to put it out daily and she will swap it out for a clean bucket.  She will then give the scraps to her pigs.  This is a brilliant idea.  Honestly, we just don’t have the time to compost and rather than all the scaps ending up in the dump, they will be put to good use.  It’s a win win situation and a very interesting twist on recycling.

Robert Indiana’s “EAT” sculpture installed at the Farnsworth

Monday, June 15th, 2009

June 18th will be the start of the Maine in America celebration in Rockland & Rockport Maine.  This ten day festival celebrates Maine’s role in American art.  As part of the festivities here in Rockland the Farnsworth Art Museum & Wyeth Center has just installed a scultpture by artist Robert Indiana entitled “EAT.”  This sculpture was created for the 1964 Worlds Fair.  An interesting tidbit was the the sculpture only stayed up for one week as people lined up by the dozens thinking the sculpture would lead them to food!!  Please click here for all the details during this ten day extravaganza.  It will be a very exciting time to be in Midcoast Maine!!  I will post photos once the sculpture is fully installed and lit up in all its glory!3607207032_d25346aecd

New Schooner Marina in Rockland’s Lermond Cove

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Since yesterday was so incredubly beautiful out, I decided to take the camera and walk down to Rockland’s new schooner marina at Lermond Cove.  Currently, three historic windjammers dock there.  These vessles offer a unique sailing experience in Penobscot Bay. From the Maine Windjammer

Maine Windjammers

Maine Windjammers


“Maine and the windjammer fleet go hand in hand.  Nowhere else in North America will you find such a large, historic fleet of traditional sailing vessels. Thousands of wild and pristine islands dot the Maine coast, providing unlimited anchorages for the windjammers.  Wildlife abounds, with bald eagles, porpoises and seals sighted on every cruise. In the fleet’s home waters of Penobscot Bay, there are hundreds of anchorages just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path, to explore where the big ships can’t go, a Maine windjammer can get you there.”