Especially for Ewe

I thought I would write about a wonderful guest of ours who visited last night.  Sandi Cirillo is an art teacher and fiber artist from NY.  Her business is called Especially For Ewe.  She is making her way up the coast to Lubec and is giving some fiberart workshops along the way.  Sandi has stayed with us about 6 times now, she feels like part of our family at this point.  Please check out her website to see her work.  The site contains her schedule of workshops.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend one you won’t regret it. 

Fall Sky by Sandi Cirillo

Fall Sky by Sandi Cirillo

We are now in our fifth year here at LimeRock Inn.  During this time we have encountered so many wonderful people from all facets of life.  It has been truly phenomenal.

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  1. Sunta says:

    Five years! That is phenomenal. Congratulations. Great info on Especially for Ewe – thanks for sharing.

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