Day 1 of our Road Trip

Today was the first day of our road trip. Since we weren’t on a time crunch, we decided to take the ferry from New London, CT to Orient Point, NY. It was a beautiful ferry ride. Click here to check out some of the photos. We met Tim & Madlyn for dinner and then went to another spot for dessert. Tomorrow, we have lunch with Scott and Michael and then off to Henryville, PA for the evening with Christine, Eric and the girls. I would’ve been more witty in this post but it has been a VERY long day and it’s almost one in the morning. I’ll get the creative juices flowing for the next post. Thanks again to the Minders and Galkowski’s for keeping an eye on the inn while we are gone. We know if is in good hands!!!

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  1. suntawrites says:

    PJ, understand about the lack of wit – lol -
    How cool about the ferry ride. That’s awesome.
    :) Have safe travels!

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