Penobscot Island Air

Two years ago, a wonderful guest of our from Lancaster PA named Donna invited me to go along with her on a plane ride over Penobscot Bay. There were several lighthouses that she wanted to see that could only be viewed by boat or by plane. Since it was winter, a boat was out of the question so she chartered a flight with Penobscot Island Air. The offer scenic plane rides in the area. Last year, Frank and I won a plane rider for four at our local chamber auction and since Donna was visiting again, we decided to return the favor and take her with us. Our neighbor Bill also came along for the ride. The fall leaves are at their peak right now and it was a beautiful warm autum day here in Rockland. We took in several sights during the plane ride including flying over Wolsgrover Island, which is owned by our neighbors Lucy & Bill. The highlight of the trip was a flyby of the LimeRock Inn! It is amazing how different everything looks from up above. We had a wonderful trip although I find the older I get, the less tolerance I have sharp banking in small aircraft!! Enjoy the pictures here.

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  1. suntawrites says:

    Amazing indeed! how cool!
    Hello to Lucy & Bill from Me. :) Thanks.

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