In anticipation of the trip

Well, we’re less than a week away from leaving for our trip. We can’t believe it is here already. We plan to post daily with photos and musings on our trip. The first post will be from Ravenna where we spend our first night. We are having dinner at the house of a guest of ours who visited in October. I will be relying heavily on Frank to translate as I don’t speak a lick of Italian. The only Italian phrase I know is No parlo italiano which means I don’t speak italian. We’ll see how far that gets me!

2 Responses to “In anticipation of the trip”

  1. IdahoSpud says:

    You would be most interesting to observe with your stunning grasp of the Italian language! :)
    Can’t wait to read about your trip! Have a great time,


  2. Scott says:

    quin-dici? just keep asking if everything cost 14 euros…lol

    Have a great time!


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